Agriclimate Workshop

The Ministry for Environment and Food hosted the AgriClimate Workshop in Roskilde Landbrugsskole (Roskilde Agricultural School) on the 26th of October 2017. The workshop was attended by representatives from 25 member states of the EU and was the setting for discussions on initiatives for addressing climate change mitigation within 3 main focus areas, Livestock, Soils and Bio based economy.

The report will be published on this website at a later date.

Discussion papers prepared by COWI are available here:


Report and following up
The workshop discussions and takeaways will be captured in a report to be shared with participants and the public. Participants are invited to carry ideas and takeaways from the workshop into discussions about climate change mitigation in the agriculture and land-use sector in the EU.

The meeting report can be dowloaded here

The workshop is hosted by the Danish Ministry of Environment and Food. The preparation and development of the workshop is carried out in cooperation with COWI.

All questions should be directed to this e-mail:
Additional information will be added to this website and shared with participants ahead of the workshop from august.

Practical information
The workshop, including lunch and refreshments, is free of charge, but participants are expected to cover other expenses, including travel.

The workshop programme can be seen here.

Place of venue
Roskilde Landbrugsskole, Ledreborg Allé 50, 4000 Roskilde.