The aim of the workshop was to identify potentials and focus areas for further improvement ofpiglet survival and welfare of sow and piglets in the farrowing unit based on the following challenges:

  • In farrowing sections with traditional farrowing crates sows have reduced space andreduced possibilities to express maternal behaviour including nest building
  • Impaired welfare for nursing sows and their piglets
  • Need for increasing the survival rate and growth for piglets

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The farrowing environment

Sofie Van Nieuwamerongen, PhD student, Wageningen University:
Developing a Group Housing System for lactating Sows and Their Litters

Rebecka Westin, Post Doc, University of British Columbia:
Strategic Use of Straw for Loose Housed Sows at Farrowing

Anna Valros, Professor, University of Helsinki:
Housing of Farrowing Sows - Effect of Crating on Sow Maternal Behaviour, Physiology and Production

Janni Hales Pedersen, Post Doc, University of Copenhagen:
Effect of Temporary Confinement of Sows for 4 Days After Farrowing on Sow Behaviour

Nursing sows

Tine Rousing, Senior Researcher, Aarhus University:
Welfare of Nursing Sows and Their Piglets - Results from a Danish Cross-Sectional Study

Charlotte Amdi Williams, Post Doc, University of Copenhagen:
Behavioural Observations of Milk Let-Downs in Nurse Sows Compared to Ordinary Sows

Piglet mortality

Lena Rangstrup-Christensen, PhD Student, Aarhus University:
Piglet Mortality in Danish Organic Herds

Janni Hales Pedersen, Post Doc, University of Copenhagen
Piglet Mortality in Loose Housed Systems