On April 7th 2017, the Organic Business Development Team released a report with 25 recommendations for the Minister of Environment and Food. The recommendations contribute to support a more market driven approach of the organic sector in Denmark.

As a follow up on the Food and Agricultural Package of 22nd December 2015, the Minister of Environment and Food appointed the Organic Business Development Team. The chairman of the committee was Henrik Biilmann, Chief Executive at Friland.

The committee’s report contains a vision and 25 recommendations with a number of initiatives supporting a competitive and market oriented organic sector in Denmark. In order to organize the effort, the committee has formulated six focus areas:

  • Increased sales and market development
  • Front runner of the organic sector development  
  • The organic sector as Exploratorium for developing the circular bioeconomy
  • Simpler rules and subsidies  
  • Innovative and profitable ecologists who can cooperate in new ways  
  • The organic sector as a foundation for growth and development in Denmark