Action Plan on Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based foods are the future. There is no doubt that a more plant-based diet – in accordance with the Danish Official Dietary Guidelines – contributes to lowering the climate footprint.

Therefore, the Government wants to strengthen the Danish plant-based agri-food sector. With The Action Plan on Plant-Based Foods the government aspires to inspire. This includes all the actors in our food system who affects our food choices every day; from the farmer and food manufacturer to the retail chains, the local cafeteria and the global export markets – even the consumer on their daily trip to the grocery store.

Jacob Jensen, Minister of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, says:

Plant-based foods is defined broadly and covers all types of foods that are made from plants, edible fungi, algae and beneficial microorganisms. The action plan focuses on the plant-based proteins and alternatives to meat and dairy as well as classic plant-based crops such as corn, fruit and vegetables

The action plan has been developed through close cooperation with actors from the whole food chain, including:

    • Aalborg University and the University of Copenhagen have jointly conducted an analysis of the plant-based food sector in Denmark, including case studies of state plant-based measures in selected countries.
    • The University of Copenhagen has also conducted a market projection of the plant-based food sector.
    • There has been several meetings with approx. 30 different organizations within the plant-based agri-food sector as well as the possibility to send written proposals.

 The action plan serves as a catalogue of initiatives, all of which are considered to promote plant-based foods. As the first of its kind – as far as we know – the action plan thus serves as an encyclopedia of the government approaches and initiatives that actors in all parts of the plant-based value chain might use or needs to know about.

With this action plan, the government sets out the following objectives for the Danish plant-based food sector:

  1. The Danish plant-based value chain must be strengthened and the coherence of the individual value chain links enforced.
  2. We want to increase the sales of plant-based foods. In 2021, sales were approx.. DKK 32 billion for plant-based foods in Danish retail. The government aims to boost plant-based foods sales.
  3. The export of plant-based foods should support the sector’s further development. In 2023 and 2024, the branding of the Danish plant-based food sector will be strengthened by means of the public-private partnership (PPP) called Food Nation and with support from Danish embassies.
  4. The Danish crops and ingredients are to be strengthened through subsidies and development efforts.
  5. Research and innovation are to be strengthened through public-private partnerships. The government will set up strategic research collaborations between the state and stakeholders in the agri-food sector, including possibly one or more external companies, private foundations or other countries. Such collaborations would help support Danish food companies to become world leaders in plant-based food production.