The Danish Official Dietary Guidelines

For the first time ever Denmark’s Official Dietary Guidelines, published in January 2021, do not only guide Danes on how to eat healthier, but also on how to eat more climate-friendly. 

The Official Dietary Guidelines - good for health and climate are:

    • Eat plant-rich, varied and not too much
    • Eat more vegetables and fruit
    • Eat less meat – choose legumes and fish
    • Eat wholegrain foods 
    • Choose vegetable oils and low-fat dairy products
    • Eat less sweet, salty and fatty food
    • Thirsty? Drink water  

Additional information

The development process was initiated in 2020 and was led by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration who was responsible for the process. 

The work was based on a scientific evidence report ‘Guidance for sustainable healthy diets - Scientific background for revising the Danish food-based dietary guidelines’ published by the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark (DTU) in February 2020. 

The development process involved workshops and dialogue with a broad range of stakeholders including the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, the Danish Health Authority, the National Food Institute at the Technical University of Denmark, consumer organizations, non-governmental organizations as well as the food - and retail industry.